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DNA Test Says I’m not Jewish but…

So I recently took a Family Tree DNA test, and the results were unsurprising except for one thing. My maternal great grandparents were Eastern European Jews who fled pogroms at the turn of the century and came to America; my paternal grandfather was a German immigrant with some broader European ancestry and my paternal grandmother a Polish immigrant. All of this was reflected on the test, but, there was no Ashkenazic Jewish results. Maybe it’s because of a result of intermarriage (I got like 5% middle eastern and 2% Native American, which I understand can be convoluted with Askhenazic), but has anyone else gotten similar results? It’s weird to me because I have a distinct matrilineal line and, at the risk of being offense, my mothers side of the family and I look very stereotypically Jewish. My Jewish identity is a big part of who I am, and I’d like to make sense of this.

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