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diy mikva or are there any mikvah equivalents i can buy on the open market?

Something ideally to build in doors, has a drain in the floor, and can pull in a good bit of water to fil lit up. something that has heating in it. i wonder if it has to have an elaborate filtration system or I can just throw some bromide in there every couple of days.

DIY Mikva, or walkable tank with stairs (vs climbable one) where you can quickly submerge yourself . what do i mean by submere myself ? every hair on my body is wet within an instance. i like the idea of a mikveh because you can literally walk down the stairs into the water and up and out, vs climbing into some tank. I also dont think a jacuzzi can be quickly heated up if you need to ritually purify yourself a couple times in one day. there are ritual aspects of this in some religious/cultural backgrounds ie after sex. So need the water to be heated up fairly quickly.

Would something like this be buyable in a standardized model of some sort?

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