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Disinformation on Facebook being taught to the converts

I noticed a few old wives tales being spread around the converts pages on the Facebook, so I thought I would make a few things clear, in case they come looking here.

  1. Non Orthodox Converts can make aliyah (go live in Israel).
  2. Non Orthodox converts can BE married in Israel. They can get married someplace else (Cyprus is popular) and Israel will recognize foreign marriages.
  3. Non Orthodox converts CAN get buried in Israel. Not in an orthodox cemetery, but there are other Jewish ones.
  4. Non Orthodox converts WILL be accepted by the majority of Jewish people there who are not Orthodox (they only accept their own converts) As far as acceptance goes, ask them what their ketubah says about a convert.

So please, do not listen to the Facebook people, or anyone else, telling you that you HAVE to convert Orthodox to have these things. It is simply not true. Yes it may be more difficult for you at times, but so is a lifetime of living Orthodox.

References available.

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