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Note) I am autistic, so I tend to take the scriptures literally. Please forgive me if you found my question frustrating.

I thought we were supposed to be honest based on the following: Psalm 11:7 For Lord is righteous; he loves righteous deeds. The upright shall see his face.

However, I am confused after seeing the following: 1Samuel 28- David is dishonest to Achishi (Philistines King) 2Kings 6-Elisha is dishonest to Syrian Army Genesis 38-Tamar is dishonest to Judah Genesis 42 to 45-Joseph initially is dishonest to his brothers

-How is this different from Abraham/Isaac introducing his wife as a sister? Are the above all “what not to do” lesson for us? Or is there a way to be dishonest but still be loved by G-d? -Please help me to understand. My goal is to publish a commentary book for Autistic Jews once I achieve a great level of understanding.

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