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Disgusted by my grandparents antisemitism

(Pole here) sorry I don’t know where to post it it gets autoremoved on other communities. Basically Went to my grandparents recently, with my dad. Never liked them, they are super old fashioned, my grandma is super annoying and always forces me multiple times a day to eat her food while my grandpa always for years repeats me the same boring life stories and prolethysizes Catholicism to me.

recently I asked her what does she think about the Jews. I clarified not I-lis but Jews in general. She immediately went “they’re disgusting and cunning! Look what they’re doing in p—e! Horrible people!” Well, I clarified that I wanted her opinion on Jews in general. I’m not an i–l supporter though, neither I condone h—s. But she didn’t really seemed to grasp multiple times I was asking about the JEWS. Not i–l. She then went on how apparently a Jew stole a golden medallion from my great great grandfather. A few years ago she also tried to convince my mom to buy a “lucky jew painting”. I asked my grandpa the same question, I clarified multiple times I mean Jews in general. He said the same type of shit. Then I said well but what do you think about Jews, not i—l or whatever but just regular Jews in general as people? He dodged the question and said “Well, what do you think about the Ukrainians?” Then he started ranting about Ukrainian immigration and the atrocities they (obviously Banderas) were doing in Poland and do I think they fit here in Poland etc. which I think I can interpret only one way. :/ Just a little rant post I guess I have more reason to hate them. I’m honestly ashamed on behalf of polish people , I admire Judaism. The reason I asked them the question bc I was curious to see that because I had suspicions but at the same time I wasn’t sure if they would go on the christian bs that j3sus loves everybody or they would be hateful

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