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Discord Banning Entire Jewish Servers

I was in a Jewish server and wasn’t paying close attention to it. Got perma-banned/disabled for being in the server (no prior ToS violations or warnings), presumably because some extremists joined and got the server reported for “glorifying violence” when discussing I/P.

I thought it was a one-off and was cutting my losses, then a Jewish friend from the server got his new account banned just a few days later. It was in a Judaism server that got purged. Mod message to him was that he (not the server) violated ToS for hate speech, but I know this person and they’re very liberal and don’t engage in hate speech. He then found out the entire server was purged just like the first one.

I’ve seen other non-Jewish and BIG servers spew the most virulent hate speech you can imagine. Servers with emojis and stickers making fun of minorities are up and running. One popular one I reported a long time ago for conspiracy theories and hate speech is still around. Users aren’t banned.

Not sure if I should be contacting an organization at this point. Purging small community servers of minorities is a really, really bad look when nothing is being done about the neo-nazis and white nationalists in other servers.

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