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Difficulty with following prayer sessions

So growing up I alongside my family were considered Chilonim(Seculars) and never really were connected to Judaism at all, only following some of the cultural stuff like holidays in Israel, which only became more clear once we left Israel 9 years ago. But for the last year or so I decided to get closer to my Jewish background, both by starting to learn the Torah and attend a synagogue. So in turn I have started to visit a Chabad place a couple of times already for prayers sessions and learning sessions(Usually in the evenings) And while I do enjoy them and I have been welcomed I always have trouble following the prayer sessions. Even when I am take a siddur and am told which page we start from I always struggle to follow what is being read, especially when we reach portions where the congregation is supposed to talk and pray out loud as well.

Is there any places online or the like that I can learn what prayers are said during specific sessions? If I can know in advance what is supposed to be read I would have better time knowing what to focus on and follow along everyone else.

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