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Didn’t learn I was Jewish until later in life…


My grandma survived the Holocaust- only one in her family who was not murdered. She later met a non- jew and married him (my grandfather), they had my mom.

My mom wasn’t raised Jewish at all. In fact she only found out she was Jewish when she was a teenager from doing some snooping and found some paperwork of some sort for reparations. Don’t think it was spoken about much after that.

My mom then married a non-Jew my dad. I didn’t find out about being Jewish until I was a teenager. Interestingly though, when I was about 8 years old, I prayed to be Jewish. I am now an adult.

I am sad I didn’t have a Bat Mitzvah and didn’t grow up around anything to do with Judaism.

I am now doing my best to get involved. I am not apart of a synagogue yet but I’m hoping to join one soon.

Just want to say hello and if it’s possible to still have a Bat Mitzvah, have an official Jewish name etc?

Thank you.

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