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Didn’t grow up Jewish, was on the track to convert: any recommandations on what to read or immerse myself in

I grew up Christian but became very upset with how my church approached many issues and then became an agnostic/theist. I had still believed in a higher power but didn’t know the proper apparatus for my spirituality. I have some Jewish ancestry so was always curious about Judaism.

I started getting into it in college and subsequently joined AEPi, and started going to weekly shabbats, havdallahs, learning basic prayers, and immersing myself more in Jewish culture. There’s a lot of learning that I missed from not having a Jewish youth and it’s sometimes hard to gauge what I should be studying. I go to a lot for info and find that as a helpful tool. I was thinking of just sitting down and reading the Torah fully, and then specific parts of the Talmud but I don’t know if this a good way to approach it.

Also I’m mostly in a reform-conservative environment but I’ve been to ChaBads and thoroughly enjoyed them so I don’t mind orthodox perspectives as well. Thankfully I have a great community of Jewish brothers but I feel for myself I need more personal growth.

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