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Did Rabbi Sacks’ views resonate with most of Orthodox, or even modern-orthodox Jewry?

I am a great admirer of Rabbi Sacks’ work. However, sometimes I read his work, and think his understanding of the Torah was deeply shaped by his belief in liberalism. I will go as far as to say that sometimes I read his work and am amazed an orthodox Rabbi says these things. It seems to me very liberal, even left-wing. I’m curious what most orthodox Jews think of these asepcts of his work. For example:

” The form of politics closest in spirit to Judaism at this time is liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is not Athenian democracy. In ancient Greece, the people existed to serve the state. In Judaism, and liberal democracy, the state exists to serve the people. Liberal democracy respects one of Judaism’s most fundamental values: the priority of the personal over the political. It is limited government, of a kind Judaism favours. The liberal democratic state does not aspire to be a vehicle of redemption; it is there to keep the peace, establish the rule of law, and ensure non-violent transitions of power. “

” Judaism is a sustained critique of power. That is the conclusion I have reached after a lifetime of studying our sacred texts. “

” Judaism is a religion of place: the holy land, the physical location in which the people of the covenant are summoned to create a sacred society based on justice and compassion, human dignity and freedom”.

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