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Did I make a mistake by not telling my employer that I’m converting

The HHD are coming up, so I told my supervisor that I’d like those days off in advance (sometimes they schedule me for weekends- that’s something I just have to do).

On my application it asked if I needed any accommodations and I said no because I was thinking about disabilities and not religious observance. I feel like I was unintentionally dishonest. I know you’re not supposed to ask about religion during an interview, and since I’m converting, in the past it’s never been something I’ve thought about. I just told them I’m observing the HHD, not that I’m converting. That would probably make things complicated. I don’t ask for Fridays/Saturdays off or anything- it’s just not feasible- but I can’t miss September’s events.

Do you talk about your religion upfront during a job interview?

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