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Deist interested in sadduccee judaism

Hello! I do not believe in afterlife but believe in a God, those are the main reasons as to why I’m interested in knowing more about the sadduccees.

1: Is it possible to be a sadduccee nowadays?

The priests obviously disappeared long ago but is it still possible to pratice sadduccee judaism? If so, where can I find out more about it?

2: What exactly do we know about them?

According to what I’ve read no scriptures survived the fires, but there is some information in texts written by Christians or Pharisees (although biased), where can I read it?

And 3: I’m of course interested in reading the Torah, do you have any digital recommendations with explanations so I can study it correctly?

I would prefer a physical copy but that is not possible because I’m a minor (cant order online and have a Catholic mom who wouldn’t approve) and live in a small city in southern europe so there are no synagogues close by.

Im sorry if anything I said came across as disrespectful, hope you have a great day and thank you in advance.

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