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Dealing with insistent, angry, would-be non-Jewish suitors


They are always hanging around, they show up at work, they ‘accidentally’ bump into me outside of work …

And once the request has been made (e.g., “I have tickets for this show on 3 different nights! Which night would you like to go?”), and I politely say that I’m flattered and thank you for thinking of me, but I’m Jewish and want to date within my faith…

The charm evaporates in an instant, and they 🐍 hiss 🐍: “You’re prejudiced!! Think (Christians Muslims, Baha’i, etc.) aren’t good enough for you! You … (continues to rant for a few minutes) …”

Yes, walking away is best, it’s option #1 — but how would you address the “you’re prejudiced!” part ?

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