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Dealing With Evangelical Christians Like John Hagee

Baxkground: My family on my father’s side is extremely evangelical. Most of the vacations I took as a kid were to visit them, so I had to fight off a lot of indoctrination, including listening to pastors like John Hagee. They failed to realize that I had spent far more time reading books about Jewish history, particularly the Ashkenazi communities in Eastern Europe that my adopted patrilineal ancestors had tried to oppress. (I’m adopted, so I have no idea what my true ancestry is).

After spending time around evangelical Christians most of my life, I became aware of that community continually going on about their support for Israel and the Jewish community. I also bore witness to some incredibly vicious antisemitism from many of those same people behind closed doors.

What has been your guys’ experience with dealing with folks like that? I’m curious because I’ve been exposed to only one side of the equation, and frankly, it feels like the evangelical Christian community has a tendency to …exaggerate.. when it comes to the “good works” they do.

Many thanks in advance for your answers, and I hope you all are having an excellent weekend.

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