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Dealing with antisemites (mentally)

I’m exhausted from arguing with antisemites on social media and IRL (there was a swastika incident in my hometown recently) and it’s deeply affecting me, mentally. It’s trope after trope after trope. My brain feels like cotton.

Even on the most innocuous of videos, like food content, there’s always a disgusting, Jew-bashing comment.

I was even watching a video about the terrible death of PA school teacher and someone had to write a nasty antisemetic comment under the video. Really? Really?!

I’m tired. I’m exhaled. I have ex-friends who wrote they worship—yes, worship—Kanye. The F?

I have a therapist, but I’m so mentally drained from the hate and feel really alone. How are the rest of you dealing with your mental health through all this antisemitism?

Please, I’m begging you – no rude comments. I know I should “log off” social media, but I can’t bury my head in the sand—or escape snide comments from my in-person community. Plus, “ignoring it” is how “you who know” rose to power in WW2. I can’t do that.

I’m Hispanic and Jewish and comments about how Jews are white ONLY trigger the heck out of me.

My heart hurts for my sweet, loving kids during this time.

Grateful for any virtual hugs. Shalom. ❤️

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