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Daytime Seder

Most of my Orthodox contemporaries have small children, and I often hear a complaint from them this time of year: “The kids spend so much time learning about Pesach in school. They make art projects to use at the Seder. They learn simple Divrei Torah to share at the table. They practice all the Pesach songs. But they never make it through the Seder because it’s so late. Sometimes they’re too sleepy to attend the Seder in first place. So they wake up the next morning, and they are sad they didn’t get to experience what their teachers have gotten them so hyped up about.”

My question: Would it be permissible, for Chinuch purposes, to host an abbreviated daytime Seder during Yom Tov?

Please note: I’m not asking about heterodox Sedarim that begin hours before Yom Tov starts.

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