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Dayenu can scan in English

Most English versions of Dayenu don’t even try to scan to the traditional melody. I came up with one that does

(Apologies if this is a repost — on a search I couldn’t find it here before. And, in any case, it’s coming relevant again.)

1 Brought us out of Egypt
2 Punished out oppressors
3 Brought their graven gods down
4 Slain their first-born children
5 Given us their treasure
6 Parted the sea for us
7 Brought us through on dry land
8 Drowned our foes behind us
9 Fed us in the desert
10 Done so with pure manna
11 Taught us of the sabbath
12 Brought us to Mount Sinai
13 Given us the Torah
14 Brought us to our homeland
15 Built for us the Temple

15 verses is a lot of dayenu. It helps if you don’t do the full “day-day-enu” chorus after every one. You can also cut some. Many haggadot do.

I’d be ok with dropping 2-4 as overly vengeful. I realize the vengeful aspect of the holiday is a part of the tradition, and there’s something to be said for engaging with it. But there’s also a lot to be said for growing beyond it and healing. And a cheerful song isn’t the best forum for careful engagement.

I’d also be ok with dropping 7, 10 and 12 for not making much sense. Had G-d parted the sea for us but not permitted us to cross, what would have been the point in opening the sea? Likewise, bringing us to Mt Sinai: without the giving of the Torah, it’s just some random mountain that we had no desire to visit. As for mana, had we instead been fed with fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic, we might have been happier about it. Or at least complained less.

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