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Davening with ADHD

I’ve always found davening quite difficult.

Separately, I’ve recently, as an adult, been diagnosed with adhd.

So now, I’m interested in hearing coping techniques/strategies specifically that other folks with adhd have found helpful for davening.

Oh, also, I’m a woman. This somewhat changes the kind of difficulties involved. I’m never really provided a distraction free environment to daven in, I have no set time to daven, and there’s no helpful outside force providing some kind of pressure/expectation I daven. When I was in school and there was specific time set aside for davening I did much better. (advice from adhd men still welcome, but I guess particularly anything that has helped you when davening alone, because minyan-specific advice is irrelevant to me)

For the past several years, outside of the constraints of a school environment, my davening minuter per day average is slightly above zero (I have not gotten a totally consistent habit of saying all of birchos hashachar). So literally all advice is welcome as there’s pretty much no direction for me to go but up…

(fixing this problem through hating myself did not work, though, so that specific strategy is a dead end)

Thank you!

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