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Davening while same-sex attracted

Hi! I (modox 20 M) have had some struggles lately at shul. Over the summer, the Rabbi has been inviting a bunch of young male college students who are off until next semester to study and sleep over at the synagogue, about three a week. The trouble is that I find myself looking at them while davening and getting distracted from my prayers. I’m very progressive in my attitude towards LGBT things and wouldn’t mind this if it was a coworker or a secular classmate, but it’s literally only at minyan that this happens to me. Its distracting and distressing and what the mechitzah is for, but obviously that’s not applicable here. Plus, I have a lovely female fiance and I feel bad staring at these bokhurim when she’s literally davening on the other side of the room. How do I control myself here??? A sheynem dank 🙂

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