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Dating someone who’s not Jewish when you keep kosher/shabbat to some degree

I met someone recently without any intention of dating, but we really clicked and he fits a lot of the things I want in a partner (and a few I didn’t even know I would want). A challenge is that he’s not Jewish and he doesn’t know much about Judaism. I’m totally okay with that, but I (mostly) keep kosher and keep some parts of Shabbat (obvs not all because I’m writing this on Shabbat…). He’s having a hard time understanding and I’m having a hard time explaining. These are the two areas of religion (so far) that are having a practical impact. He wants to cook for me, but the kosher thing is throwing him off. He’d love me to come over on Shabbat, but the “rules” of it, even though I keep relatively few of them, makes it hard to make that work. We’re compatible in a lot of ways, but I worry this is going to strain things and maybe even end them.

So, has anyone been in a similar situation? A lot of the interfaith relationships I’ve seen talked about didn’t have the kashrut/Shabbat challenge, so I don’t know how to navigate this. How did you make things work, if you did? If the relationship didn’t work out, what exactly happened?

What I’m not looking for: any takes on how interfaith relationships are inherently bad or destined to fail. I think we’ve all heard those takes.

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