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Dating apps

Hello JewCrew. I’ve been dating non Jews and my friends think it’s a travesty. I signed up for the Jewish dating apps, not paying the matchmaker apps and there’s slim pickins. I like to go out and meet people. Would be nice to meet someone I can have for happily ever after that’s part of the chosen. I don’t fit any Jewish label since I do some orthodox stuff but also some modern stuff. My connection with Hashem is my own and I do what makes me stay connected. Judgy Jews need not apply.

Any ideas how to meet some cool single Jewish dudes who are emotionally mature, independent, don’t want kids and aren’t looking for a nanny girlfriend? I live in Las Vegas (brain out of the gutter, there is life off the strip). I’m open to long distance with the possibility of relocating.

Me: 41, 5”1, brown hair, green eyes, active, independent and I like cool shit. I have teenage kids.

Looking for: 37-47, taller than me in heels, active, likes cool shit too, has kids and doesn’t want more or can’t have kids and is cool with mine. Good sense of humor is a must. If you fall, I’ll laugh before I get the bandaids.

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