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Daily Giving

I’ve seen people asking what they might be able to do during this time and I know for myself that being able to have charity given on my behalf every day and see that it’s going to a wide range of charity organizations and to read about the work that these organizations are doing has been quite inspiring and it let’s me feel like I’m doing my part.

Daily Giving ( has a list of over 75 different nonprofits that they alternate giving to with many of them helping to support those suffering from the consequences of the war in Israel.

Every day they donate $1 or more on your behalf to a different one of these organizations and send you an email telling you where your money went and how it will be used and it’s helped me to feel like I’m doing something every day to help.

Of course everyone has their own way of giving and this may not be something that you’re interested in. However, I felt that there would definitely be some people that might be interested in this since it is an easy way to diversify your charitable giving to a wide array of different organizations and I have not seen them mentioned before on this sub.

I’m not affiliated with this organization but I have been giving them money to distribute on my behalf since they started in 2020.

You can read more about the program and their beneficiaries at the link above.

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