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Current atheist that is thinking about converting to Judaism

Firstly, please know if I ever do decide to convert i won’t even take the first step for years down the line, just bc I want to be absolutely sure

Secondly, while I identify with atheism (although I guess Deist would be more accurate, bc I believe something set the universe in motion) at the moment, a lot of Jewish beliefs in God really hit with me? Like I’ve been raised Catholic so when I think of any kind of deity, I think of one who’s supposed to be obeyed without any objection. And I know that Judaism (or at least the majority of sects, I don’t want to presume) doesn’t have that same kind of dogma.

I guess my question is is there any point in converting if I don’t even have a sure belief in God? I feel this connection that I can’t put into words but I’m not sure if that means anything

This is less of a “should I convert” post (bc I’m going to deal with that question with my close friends who are Jewish) and more “is there any point in considering?”

(Sorry if this is rambly or doesn’t make sense)

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