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Curiousity about Satan in Judaism

Hello everyone!👋

I am not a Jew, so I hope some of you could satiate my curiousity about a figure that (at least in mainstream variants) in all Abrahamic religions, except in Judaism, is a malevolent figure, an originator of evil – an angel that rebelled against G-d (I’m not a Jew, but I’ll write it this way) and thus subjected all other creatures to his cruelty and malice. Both Islam and Christianity believe in him as the enemy of humankind and all creatures.

In Judaism, however (correct me if I’m wrong) Satan refers to two things:

  1. Simply an agent given to role of an enemy.

  2. The angel who is there to tempt humanity and work against it, especially to be the accuser of Israel. This angel actually does follow G-d and simply does his job, it’s just that we humans don’t really like him or his job…

So this makes Judaism a bit different from other Abrahamic religions. And yet, I am fairly certain that there were sects/denominations of Judaism that believed in the same thing Islam and Christianity do about the Devil and the fallen angels – after all, these beliefs probably didn’t come out of nowhere in Christianity (hence, the Book of Enoch).

So are there any denominations/movements of Judaism that believe the same thing about fallen angels as Christians and Muslims do? Or has this completely disappeared and instead become an integral part of its offshoot (Christianity)?

Thank you in advance and please sorry if I have made any mistakes!

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