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Curious About the Ten Commandments and Current Events

Hi everyone, I hope my questions do not come off as offensive or rude. I’m just curious and I seriously don’t mean any wrong. I try not to have any bias one way or another and I just want there to be peace.

I wish to keep this conversation as civil and educational as possible so please let me know if these questions are inappropriate.

Since the Ten Commandments are fairly important in Judaism and the sixth commandment is to not murder, why aren’t all people of the faith pacifists (or even all Jews, Christians, and Muslims)?

On that note I am trying to intimately understand the conflict in Palestine by placing myself in the shoes of people on both sides. I understand that if someone is waging war against you it’s practically impossible to survive as a people without fighting back but I am struggling to reconcile that with the sixth commandment. Is there an exception to break the commandment to ensure the survival of the group?

I am sorry for posting such a stupid question and thank you in advance for taking the time to educate me. Be well.

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