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Curious about the history and usage of siddurs (siddurim?)

Hi, I recently began attending a local reform synagogue (with a much appreciated open arms welcome from the rabbi and wonderful congregation) and I have two questions! One being less important than the other.

The first is, what is the origin of the prayers found in siddurs? I know some are psalms, but what of the other ones? Somebody in the congregation told me they’re sung because they were originally passed by oral tradition, is this true?

The second question is far more important in my eyes- I really would like to learn the melodies to the prayers found in the siddur used in my local synagogue. Given the usage of the siddur in liturgy, with some prayers having (what I assume to be) very special meanings and usages (such as when opening the ark) would it be disrespectful of me to sing along with (and attempt to learn) the siddurs at home? I know nobody will know I am doing this but me, but I have immense respect for the Jewish faith, culture, and history, and I’m a firm believer that if I’d be ashamed to do something in public, that alone is probably reason enough not to do it at all.

The members I have been attending with are all incredibly understanding and supportive of my journey- I want to return that same level of respect to them and their faith tradition 🙂

Thank you!

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