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Curious about something kashrut-related.

Hi, folks! Gentile here. I saw a line in a news story today that left me a little surprised and looking for other perspectives.

“While some establishments close down over Passover, many stay open, including places like Iwo’s Meatburger, which announced this month it would offer a kosher for Passover bun for its bacon cheddar burger.”

I know not everyone keeps kosher in the same way (if at all), but my experience with my Jewish friends here in Canada is that not eating pork is by far the most common way to keep kosher. Even as an outsider, the idea of someone being fine with both pork AND mixing meat and milk, but not chametz, is not where I’d expect people to draw the line. As far as I can tell from that restaurant’s website, the bacon is made from pork, and the cheese is made from milk.

Which (finally) brings me to my question(s): If you’re going to eat a bacon cheeseburger of all things, why bother with a kosher-for-Passover bun? Is avoiding chametz during Passover seen as relatively more important in Israel than in the Diaspora? The only other reason I can think of is if the person has a gluten sensitivity, and “kosher for Passover” is just better marketing in Israel than “gluten-free”.

Thanks in advance!

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