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Curious about my grandmother’s faith

Greetings, r/Judaism! I live in the UK and I was brought up (nominally) Christian, although I am now of a Unitarian persuasion. However, my paternal grandmother was Jewish and (at least when she came to live in this country) attended a synagogue of the Liberal Judaism denomination. I am ashamed to admit that I know very little, if anything, about Judaism and my grandmother’s practice of her faith – she never talked to me about it and all I remember is that she would say she was going to synagogue with her friend. I have no idea if she spoke Hebrew (or any other languages, come to think of it). When she died, she had a Jewish funeral – which I was honoured to attend – but that’s as close to Judaism that I’ve ever got. How should I go about finding out more about Judaism? I want what I learn to be authentic – I’ve bought a few books here and there but they’ve almost all turned out to be a bit New Age-y. I’m not sure that I’m looking to convert so just rocking up to a conversion course (if I could even find one) would be inappropriate. There are no synagogues anywhere near where I live and I don’t know anybody who’s Jewish. Any advice/guidance you could give would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance!!

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