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How would you describe American Jewish culture these days?

I come from a modest background, so I have to work very hard to develop a professional network. One day, I’m doing some networking and reach out to a Jewish person of much higher economic status than myself (roughly same age though). They treat me pretty nicely (although I’m sometimes bad at judging character, so take that with a grain of salt). They then refer me to one of their friends (also upper-class Jewish American) for further guidance.

That friend of theirs says to me, “Let’s face it: We live in a very fortunate time. You’re very lucky you get to talk with people like (wealthy person’s name) and me (referring to themselves).”

I just politely acknowledge their sentiment, but I’m roughly the same age as them…so that statement seems kinda condescending.

My neighborhood is reasonably blue-collar, and we have a very small Jewish population. So this one of my first interactions with Jews my age, and it feels kinda weird.

One of the great blessings of America is cultures that value education can be very openly aspirational, but sometimes this also causes people to look down on others for having less?

So anyway, is this sort of behavior just a symptom of a broadly aspirational American culture? Or is this person just kind of elitist?

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