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Cultural appropriateness

I am not to my knowledge Jewish by heritage. As far as the faith goes, I am probably as Jewish as I am Christian or Buddhist. I have looked into it, and like some of the ideas, but not enough to become a full-fledged follower. If forced to label my faith, I say I am an “Eclectic.” My fiance is rather non secular/agnostic in his beliefs, and his heritage is as murky and unknown as mine. We are having a fairly traditional non-denominational wedding next month. Our wedding is this May.

We have a unity ceremony planned, and tonight, we were discussing whether to play Instrumental music, have someone do a reading, or just listen to the silence as we did this portion of our wedding ceremony, and I came across the Sheva Brachot in a description of traditional Jewish weddings.

We would like to assign 7 values, morals, or “words of intent” for our future marriage, and have 7 different people briefly expand on those words during our unity ceremony, instead of a reading, etc. We don’t have them all yet, but so far, our words are “mindfulness”, “love”, “friendship”, “humor”, and “patience”.

Since this idea was inspired by a deeply religious observance, we want to be sure that:

1-doing it as described is not harmful or insulting to people of the Jewish faith, and

2-would explaining (or having the officiant explain) the inspiration for it be more respectful?

3-if you know of another forum where this is more suited, please advise.

Thank you for your input!

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