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Finding my tribe

I live in Southern CA.. not in LA. The area that I live in, does not have a large population of Israelis. I really connect with Israelis specifically. I have a hard time connecting with American Jews, despite being just, that. I’m not sure how to explain it. I don’t fit in with Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox.. yet I pull from each. I love Shabbos, but I don’t keep all of it. Reform shuls aren’t the right fit for me. The last conservative shul that I tried, was very very reform. I’m still searching for my tribe and landing.. I’m a 38 year old single female. No children. Never married. Very focused on my career. Don’t want to have children ever. I’m very warm and independent. I’m really trying to find my footing. I lived in Israel for a very long time and left because it is a very hard life there. How do I find the right community for myself? Chabad is nice but I don’t quite fit in there either. Does anyone relate to what I’m describing? I’m being very vulnerable, so please be gentle. posted this on the other forum as well.

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