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Creating a new Jewish community in my city?

I live in a beautiful but very non-Jewish area of northern England. There is a large ultra-orthodox population one town over, but they mostly keep to themselves and anyway that’s not my preferred expression of Judaism. Beyond that, there’s not a whole lot going on Jewish-wise.

I was raised in the Masorti/Reform movements, am married to a wonderful non-Jewish man, and feel very connected to my Judaism via books, podcats etc. I approached the small Reform shul here a while ago, but the Rabbi was pushy and we didn’t really click. From what I can tell, the Reform community still do all their services online and don’t have many social activities etc to get involved with.

I would love to have more of an in-person community around me – progressive, informal, welcoming. And if nothing currently exisits, how could I go about creating something?

I don’t feel very well-equipped for a project like this. My Hebrew skills are rusty af – and they were’t that good to begin with. My knowledge of services, customs etc, is similarly vague. I don’t mind putting the work in, but I can’t help feeling underprepared.

Any tips on where to start? Any comments would be welcome! Am I missing something? How do I find ‘my people’?

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