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Covering my head onstage

Apologies if this isn’t flaired correctly.

I do not consider myself orthodox as of right now, but I do cover my head as a symbol of my faith/culture/etc. and to feel closer to G-d and my ancestors.

I have taken drama this year, but a problem has arisen with covering my head in-costume. We are doing five plays (of which i’m in four), and for three of them I have it sorted. But the last one I’m in I am struggling with. The character is a woman, so it feels a little unusual to wear a kippah (although I am not completely opposed), but a scarf will not fit very well as she is a stereotypical “popular girl.”

Am I allowed to not cover my head for this role? If not I will figure something out.

EDIT: Thank you all for your input. I will check in with my drama teacher about this then maybe update you guys. I will likely go with a wig but worst case scenario I’ll wear my kippah, it tends to blend in with my hair anyway.

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