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Court system in Judaism

Hello Jewish communtiy. I was doing some research about the court system of Judaism and I came across a comment in this subreddit.

“The problem is that we are unable to have these courts today, because they must be made up of judges that have a continuous chain of transmission going back to Moses. This chain of transmission was lost about 1500 years ago. Without that, our courts cannot try death penalty cases.”

Here is the link for the full comment.

I may be misunderstanding something, but does this mean that it is impossible to reestablish a Jewish court (Sanhedrin)?

My second and third question is about the capital punishments. If I understand correctly, these penalties cannot be carried out without the Sanhedrin. So are Jews living like as if those laws don’t exist? If it would be possible to reestablish the Sanhedrin, will all of those laws return exactly as they were during the time of Moses or will they be reformed?

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