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Could the USS Voyager establish a minyan with non-Jews or simulated holographic Jews while it was stuck in the Delta Quadrant? (No, really)

I’m curious about the requirements for a minyan in a pretty specific situation: what if there were less than ten observant Jewish men available, and there was zero other real possibility of enough observant Jewish men being available?

The scenario’s pretty far fetched, but hear me out. Star Trek: Voyager is centered around the idea that a starship has been flung to a quadrant of the galaxy where human beings have never been, and could not get to without going at maximum possible speed for 70 years. The starship spends the entire series getting back to Earth.

What if there were observant Jews on board who wanted to worship together, but they didn’t have enough men for a minyan? Could they spread the word for volunteers to stand in for the missing members? Could they worship on the holodeck, with holograms standing in? Or could they just carry on with services in a way that doesn’t require a minyan? Since there’s no real expectation that they’ll be able to have any other observant Jews on board, what’s the rabbinical ruling here?

For the sake of this question/thought experiment, let’s say there’s only three observant Orthodox Jewish men on board, anyone else would be of a different faith/background/gender identity/species/etc.

I’m genuinely curious – I was raised Reform and am nerdy by nature; I’d really like to hear why or why not this is possible through custom, Halacha, etc. For what it’s worth, I was intrigued to learn about the specifics of kashrut as it applies to replicated bacon from this sub a few years back – seeing how the gamut runs from “this is on or close to a divine gift, and divine gifts are always kosher” through to “replicated pork never came from an actual pig, it comes from reconstructed matter, thus it’s not technically meat subject to kosher slaughtering requirements”

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