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Could I fit as a Reform or Conservative Jew?

I’m a weird case when it comes to religion. I was raised without it until my family joined a Unitarian Universalist Church when I was nine. Then, by my own choice, became a Catholic, then an atheist and a secular Buddhist, then realized that I do believe in God, reverted to Catholicism, then a sedevacantist Catholic, and then went into the limbo that I’m in now. I definitely believe in God still- I’m a classical theist- but I’m not sure where to go from here other than not being a Christian.

I wanted to consider Islam, but it has the same problems I saw in traditional Catholicism: I don’t believe events like the Exodus to have literally happened, at least not in the exact way mentioned in scripture. I also don’t believe God will punish people with an eternal afterlife of terror and pain. I’m also bisexual, so I’m also somewhat sympathetic to LGBTQ issues (though, honestly, I’ve rarely been able to express my sexuality openly). Now, I would say that I’m in-between wanting to pursue a monotheistic Hinduism, or Judaism. Again, I definitely believe God is real, interacts with man, and has inspired scriptures, such as the Torah (and perhaps certain texts in other religions) to encourage people to be ethical and worship Him.

My father is Jewish, but my mother is not. Similarly, my mother’s father was Jewish, and his wife wasn’t. My grandparents on my Dad’s side are Jewish, however, and they’ve encouraged me to pursue Judaism. I’m also uncircumcised. I have always been mistaken as a Jew, and I’m interested in the culture behind it. I’m also interested in critical Biblical scholarship and comparative theology, however. I would remain a Unitarian Universalist, but I would like to be in a community that’s a bit less secular, and where people at least almost universally believe in God.

Due to my thinking that events like the Exodus and the tales of certain prophets are mainly mythical and theological, Orthodox Judaism is likely not for me. Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism seem like they would be more up my ally, though I am not sure which one would fit me better. I know that conversation to Judaism in any form takes a ton of work, but I would be willing to put it in to find a solid religious community and deepen my faith in God. I may also consider doing some Eastern-style meditation on the side.

Could I fit as a Reform or Conservative Jew, however? I’d like to hear input from some… actual Jewish people, instead of just being locked in my mind as I usually am. Thank you and God bless.

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