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Coping + need for time/space at work

I am not well. It takes *a lot* for me to admit that to myself or others, but I know I’m a wreck. I can’t concentrate at work, I cried in the car on the way to the office…twice. I see myself being short with people who don’t deserve it, and I am feeling a lot of resentment towards people (i.e., everyone I work with) who are either minimizing or actively ignoring everything going on. I’ve felt on the verge of tears all day at the office today, and I frankly think I need to remove myself for a day or two to get it together. I’m a bit concerned I’ll use those two days to wallow even more and doom scroll the news, but right now I just don’t trust my critical thinking, management, or coping skills in a high-visibility, relationship-heavy role where my mess ups have consequences.

Can anyone give some advice on how to frame this to my supervisor? I’d like to take a day or two to be sort-of online to manage major issues that come up, but not come in to the office and not work on anything not urgent. I’m fairly senior on my team, and I feel like he’s pretty understanding; he knows that I used to live in Israel, that I have friends/family there, so I don’t think it’d come out of left field. I suppose I’m also feeling guilty because I’m supposed to go on pre-planned travel next week, which is admittedly looking a lot less appealing but can’t be shifted. Would be grateful for advice in how to frame this. I usually consider myself a master communicator but when I even start going through the conversation in my head I start crying so…that’s where I’m at. Thanks everyone.

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