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Cooling on Shabbos

So, Metro Detroit just had its umpteenth “once in a century” storm this summer. Flooding, uprooted trees, tornadoes, constant lightning and thunder, sewage in people’s basements…yet again. This has been a summer of monsoons.

I lost power last night (August 11), and the power company says I won’t have power again until late Sunday night (August 15).

You may wonder if I’m uncomfortably warm. If my brand-new groceries are slowly rotting. If I’m getting dressed and showering by the light of candles and flashlights. Well, yes to all three.

My question: If the power kicks back on in the middle of Shabbos (it won’t, but a girl can dream, can’t she?), would it be permissible for me to put my perishables (which are currently inside coolers next to blocks of ice) back in the fridge? Or would this be a kind of “benefitting” that violates Shabbos in some way?

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