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Converting to Judaism as an Adult. What are the best resources to start with getting to learn to read / write Hebrea w/ EN/FR as base languages? Thank you so much!

Shalom, Friends.

I am attempting to live a more whole and fulfilling life as of late, and am very fixated by the Jewish faith. Whether it be the traditions of the Kabbalah, the Bar and Bat Mitzfah ceremonies that celebrate our entrance to adulthood, the emphasis on learning, record-keeping, critical thinking, and analysis, and also the generally witty, friendly, and eager to help attitude that has been common in the significant majority of Jewish people I have interatcted with in my Southern California Suburb.

I’m learning Hebrew to read the Torah and other historical documents from antiquity, so I would really like to know what the generally recommended resources are for that.

Otherwise, anything else to be said about the conversion process as an adult? I’m 24, by the way.

I’ve researched it quite rigorously over the past ~5-6 years, but now I finally feel ready to embark upon such a quest.

Let me know what you think! Shalom.

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