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Converting Issue/Rabbi hasn’t gotten back to me in months

Shalom Hebrews and Shebrews (and They/Thembrews) it’s been like 9 months since my last real post and since I started pursuing a conservative conversion and I’m feeling pretty stuck.

I do not know what I did wrong but my Rabbi does not seem to have time for me. Obviously, covid complicated everything in the past year and this might not have been the time to convert. I had two meetings with him over zoom in early fall, he told me he would assign me further reading and then just never got back to me. I reached out a couple times after but my gut is telling me he is just not willing or able to work with me on conversion for some reason.

I’ve been living as close to orthodox as possible for the better part of a year and feel like I must have done something wrong. Should I seek out a new Rabbi? Do I just start my conversion over somewhere else? I reached out to a different shul recently to get a new rabbi’s perspective on this. I heard that sometimes they turn you away but this doesn’t seem like that. If you read my previous posts I talked about how I had been converting reform but it was not a great fit for my observance level. This is especially weird because my Rabbi and I seemed like such a great fit. I just want some guidance. What is the next step?

Btw: If any of my Squirrel Hill Homies are lurking on this, I’m in the 412 and would love to join your community. Shoot me a pm or something. Chag sameach, and much love to all of you around this holy time. Living first-hand through this plague has given me a new appreciation for pesach. I hope your families are safe and sound and my heart is with you all. Thanks again!

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