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Converting go Judaism

Hello, I’ll try and keep this relatively short and concise, as I know that anyone who replies is already doing me a favour.

I have a few basic questions about converting to Judaism. I was raised a Catholic in Ireland, but I’ve always felt dissatisfaction with my faith. After researching during lockdown, I think I have found a spiritual connection in reading about Judaism and passages of the Torah; however, I won’t claim to be educated.

I know the process of converting to Judaism is difficult and challenging; however, after researching as much as I can, I feel like I would like to explore beginning the process. Would there be a natural way I could start this process, even during Covid? If so, how would I go about this, does anybody have any tips (or experience in making the conversion)?

I’m incredibly sorry if I appear uninformed or to be wasting anyone’s time. This is my furthest intention, as I begin the process of seeking answers and a pathway along this journey.

Thank you.

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