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Hey, so this is weird but let me explain. Okay, so I was born Jewish and I use to go to a synagogue very religiously (Haha get it 😉) in Okinawa [Japan]. When we moved to America [Missouri] we moved to a smallish city [~18,000 ppl] and the only religious things in this town is like 20 churches and 1 mosque and no synagogue. So obviously we couldn’t go, but even worse my dad wanted to climb the politics ladder and the only way to do that is to attend a church so we did that for a little bit but then just stopped going all together. Fast forward to now, I’m a senior in high school and about to [hopefully] go to college in Cleveland! There’s a lot of synagogues in Cleveland and feel as though I have to convert cause it’s been so long! Does anyone know how to start the process [once I get there] and how I should explain my situation? If it’s any help my father’s side of my family is Ashkenazi?

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