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Conversion troubles

Hi guys!! 🙂 so I’ve been studying the Tanahk and Jewish law/customs since I was 16 and I’m 18 now. I got interested in converting ever since I found out that on my mother’s side, she has lineage from Beta Israel (Jews in Ethiopia), and at the time I was dating a conservative Jewish guy – I was very close to his family and we were together for almost a year and I was able to experience many holidays with him and his family. I converted to reform, but ever since I started college, I’ve been having some thoughts about full sending it and converting to Orthodox. This culminated in me personally observing all the holidays and getting involved with my university’s Chabad. I have truly felt a spiritual calling for me to do so. I want to obey all the laws and serve G-d to the fullest extent I can. I love all the customs and culture that come with Judaism; it feels like a massive family to me. If I were to talk about all the reasons I want to convert, this post would be way too long.

I’m back from school bc of the virus, so I connected with Chabad here in my city. The rabbi at chabad is on the beit din for my region so I believed he would sponsor my conversion. I emailed him a month ago, and I sent a follow up last week and I haven’t heard back from him. I know that Orthodox rabbis are supposed to discourage people from conversion, and that they give you three tests in order to judge your actual commitment to conversion. Could this possibly be one of the tests?

Also, I was thinking that I could maybe contact the head of the beit din. The website said to contact them when it comes to conversion. I don’t wanna seem desperate, but at the same time, I really do want to legitimise my spiritual journey. I know that G-d understands the depth of my desires, but I want to make sure that other Jews do as well. I just don’t know how to prove to a rabbi that I’m serious about converting.

Maybe I’m overthinking and he didn’t see it lol. But I’m not tripping too much rn – COVID really has everyone messed up but in the state where I’m at it seems like things will hopefully turn around soon. We’re scheduled to reopen in less than a week. And ultimately, I am sure G-d agrees that the health of the general public is more important than me going to a rabbi rn, and that I will be able to start the official process soon enough.

Thanks guys 💕

Edit: Talked to the Chabad rabbi back at my university and he said that I should talk to the beit din back at school and not where I am at home, since I’m only here 2-3 months a year anyway. Thanks so much for your responses, you guys are super kind and awesome!!

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