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Conversion Not Valid. Plz Help!

I have been living as a Jew for several years and i was not accepted into an RCA conversion program where I am from because they didn’t like that I didn’t make a certain amount of money. My friend reached out to his friend who is a well known rabbi and I ended up having an ‘Orthodox’ ‘conversion’ (quotations intentional) just before Chanukkah last year. I took an unwise route and converted with this well-known rabbi in the Left leaning modern orthodox (formerly known as Open Orthodox before they rebranded) world. It was a very significant milestone for me and I literally felt like my soul Moved into my body for the first time upon entering mikveh. But I was not asked about whether I was circumcised, was not checked, nor was there an Haf Dam Brit. I was converted under special circumstances as I had moved to a new city just before covid and had thus not had a sponsoring rabbi and had been working directly with the Av Beth Din toward the goal of conversion so the rabbi I ended up connecting with after shuls reopened in my city knew of my status as a convert and gladly treated me like a Jew and confirmed that he would accept my conversion even though it is not standard RCA orthodox but when we were discussing some things about Jewish law last night it came up that I was not certified to have been circumcised or even asked about it before my giyur. And he has now told me that this means I am in fact not Jewish after all and that he can’t accept me as such moving forward. I am completely crushed by this news and have always felt uneasy about the way I converted all along but I just didn’t have it in me to correct it and go through years of education and all the money it costs all over again. I don’t know what to do because the cost of conversion is SO HIGH and I am living in my new city comfortably but it will take me years to save up the amount of money (10k) some of these Betei Din are asking for conversion services, while I’m meanwhile still paying off the last one!

Does anyone have any advice? TLDR: I was converted by an orthodox rabbi in a way not consistent with Halacha and it has been brought to my attention that I am no longer considered a Jew because of it and I just don’t really know what to do to move forward as far as rectifying it. Or if I even can.

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