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Conversion in the time of covid

Hello everyone, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have been wanting to convert for a long time and I think that I might be finally ready to contact a rabbi and formally start the process. However, something is telling me I should wait until covid dies down a bit and synagogues and other places are opened again. The way I see it is, everything I have read has told me that Judaism is a religion that values family and community. You can’t live as fulfilling of a Jewish life if you don’t have a community to support you and interact with. There are 2 local rabbis who I’ve read about and am interested in contacting, and I am sure they’re offering online classes for converts and streaming services online. But it makes me think that I’ll be missing out on so much. Sure, I can tune in to a zoom service and follow along, but I feel like I won’t be getting the full experience of what being Jewish is unless I’m going to the shul, learning and saying prayers with other people, celebrating the holidays, etc. I just feel like the whole process would be cheapened for me if it was all online. But at the same time, I feel God pulling at my heart daily and I want so badly to actually start the process. I’ve been doing lots of research, I bought a lot of books that have been recommended on here (I’m particularly enjoying Essential Judaism by George Robinson) and I’m trying my best to read and study daily. I also bought a small pocket sized Torah but it seems rather daunting to read on my own without guidance. So I guess my question is, should I take the leap and contact one of the rabbis I’m interested in? Or should I wait, keep studying and reading on my own, and contact a rabbi once I can actually start going to in person services? I realize it could be months (or even longer) before that’s able to happen, however I’ll willing to wait if it means my conversion will feel more personally fulfilling and “right”. What do you guys think?

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