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Conversion Classes Fee

Ok. I am trying to be direct and make it as shortest as possible.

I do have Jewish heritage from my mom’s side. Her dad’s family were Kavkazi(Mountain) Jews. However she grew up in a secular household. So did I. So being Jewish for us is just celebrating a few events during a year.

Since 7th of Oct I became more involved within the Jewish Community and as long as I know I ain’t considered Jewish based on Halakha. So, I tried to get in touch with only Orthodox synagogues many times which they refused me!

Finally, I got a contact number of a Chabad Rabbi and met him. I explained my story and he right away welcomed me and said I can start the classes with him and go to tue Shul whenever I am ready.

The next day I had my first class with him. He went through the Hebrew alphabet and it was basically a session! I got charged £35 and he said I need to have at least 1 class with him per week!! He also said that he at the moment does not have the authority to do my conversion but he can refer me to someone!

Now the question is whether I am being scammed? Is the price ok? Is that the norm? Should I continue my classes with him? He did not explain how long it takes for me to finish my conversation but he said at some point I need to move into a Jewish Neighbourhood and live there for a few months or go to Israel and live there. I obviously have no problem to move to Israel and work there but I would never move into a Jewish Neighbourhood just because of the conversion. I mean I have a job and life. I just cannot do that.

For the security of the Rabbi, I am not able to share his name or the location.

Could you please share your thoughts on that would be appreciated.

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