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Conversion Advice?

Hello, 21F raised Catholic (ADD and autism) and I was always…uncomfy about catholicism and how god seemed so mean, that you needed to follow all these things or suffer… I’ve been drawn to Judaism several times over the last three years, I agree with lots of the material, I just never really made a move. I’m strongly looking at Reform but also kind of considering Conservative. It kind of scares me when I think about all the prayers, candles, ceremonies… I’m just nervous I’ll feel bound to lots of “you must do this or else” like Catholicism. It was always tied up in bad emotions for me growing up. Right now I’m just researching and I’m looking for good book recommendations for both denominations though mainly Reform Judaism. I really want to know the good, bad and or ugly that they may not want to explicitly tell me about, the realities of being Jewish/converting, and to find answers to all my questions on exact beliefs. I really do want to be a part of a religion where I can fully enjoy the ceremonies (I don’t know what you would call your version of Mass, sorry!) and not feel very uncomfortable because I disagree with the main tenets of the religion. Hoping for advice from those raised Jewish as well as those who are/have converted. Also, I’ve already read through the official sites and have done google research, but I feel like I want to know more than what that can give me. Thanks very much!

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