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Context of Pleiades and the Talmud

Hello all, haven’t studied Torah or Talmud since my Bar’mitzvah, but there is some recent discussion of the Talmud by Randall Carlson that crossed my eye. I almost fell out of my chair after seeing this particular presentation on YouTube.

Is there a quote pertaining to the “plucking” of two stars from Pleiades, then impacting earth leading to the great deluge and a strong freeze for Millennia accurate?

I’m asking because there is more and more scientific evidence for the Taurid meteor stream, which coincides on the day after Halloween in Earth’s orbit with Pleiades visible from Meridian in the Northern Hemisphere, being responsible for several large impacts 12,800 years ago leading to the mass extinction of megafauna and native peoples of North America. South America was hit pretty hard too, the iturralde crater in Bolivia is dated to 10k-15k years ago. Massive forests in Chile burned to the ground and sea levels rose by 200 feet overnight as massive glaciers collapsed into the North Atlantic. Temperatures dropped double digits overnight. There’s been a ton of pushback against this but even the most usual skeptics admit the evidence has grown too strong.

My question is, if the passage in the Talmud is accurate, who were the survivors that passed on these stories with such great accuracy? Are there any additional hints in the Talmud that might provide additional insight that you know of?

Thank you all, have to dig out my old materials and study once again after this.

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