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Considering converting to Judaism but not sure which movement would be the best path for conversion?

Hi all.

I want to convert to Judaism because it aligns with my beliefs and the more I learn about it (by going to synagogue, researching more about the religion and culture), the more and more at “home” I feel. For context, I was raised Catholic, and I never felt at home with Catholicism (or Christianity); I always felt like I was just practicing the religion because I was born into it, not because I actually believed in all of its tenets.

So I’m thinking about converting to Judaism (and I have wanted to convert for several years)…however, I’m not sure which movement I should convert into. I’m part of the lgbt+ community and I know that Reform and Conservative Judaism (or at least the conversative judaism synagogue near me) are accepting of members of the lgbt community, which makes me think I’d want to convert to one of those movements. However, I have heard that the level of observance in Reform and Conservative Judaism differ a lot among the members of each movement.

I also understand that Reform Judaism does not view halakhah as binding and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Can any of you provide any insight as to which movement would probably be the best path?

I appreciate your insight,

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