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Considering changing my name – I need guidance

Hello dear people, I’m asking for help here since I didn’t get a response from other places, and feeling very worried and down. Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to help.

I’m considering changing my first name after discussing with my family how names can influence a person’s life. Mainly talking about the mystery in the world of letters according to Kabbalah, and the chance of the name holding the person’s luck because of the letters in his name.

I’ve started to wonder if my name (Batel) might be contributing to some challenges I’ve faced due to its deep meaning. The meaning of my name is Daughter of God. Some say that because the name is close to God, it basically means that everything I do has greater consequences. For example, if I do something negative, my punishment is supposedly double in God’s eye. I interpret this in a way that maybe I’m being punished and held back from things I’m supposed to get (e.g., long term relationship).

My sister had great difficulty finding the right match for her. She consulted with a rabbi who have knowledge about the subject, and he suggested her to change her name. After two weeks her life changed for the better and she got married.

I tried to observe my feeling with my name and life experiences. I can confidently say that I have a close connection with God, and I have seen his help countless times. But since I can remember myself, inside I feel “locked up”, unable to express myself, and the feeling of God holding me and want me to wait whenever I want something in my life.

I thought of a name I connect with, Anna. And I would like to change my name to Anna. But after looking online, most rabbi say it’s a Goya name and better to use a Jewish name. But after looking at the letters, I noticed that the letters are positive and might be a positive outcome.

I’ve been trying to think of other names, but I don’t connect or like any other names I’ve seen.

But right now I need guidance on what to do, how should I know if I should change my name or not?

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